Are Cooling Pads Worth It For Gaming Laptops?

You already have spent a lot of money buying one of the best gaming laptops, and then the real question arises, do you really need a cooling pad as well? We all know pretty well that gaming laptops have the tendency to heat up very quickly.

No matter the time duration you are spending on the system, it tends to bring up the temperature of the system, which might result in lags if it isn’t cooled down. Mostly, gaming laptops that range between $1500-$3000 or above might have an incredible built-in cooling system. But then there is no doubt that you should go for an external cooling pad as well to be on the safe side.

The main purpose of a cooling pad is to keep the temperature of the entire system below an average level. It is a perfect match for longer gaming sessions and high-end machines that work tirelessly all day. Well, to understand more, let us get into all the details as to why you need a cooling pad for your gaming laptop.

Why Does Your Laptop Require A Cooling Pad?

Are Cooling Pads Worth It For Gaming Laptops?

The biggest reason that one might buy a cooling pad for their gaming laptop is because of an increase in CPU temperature.

Due to high pressure on the system either be it your CPU or your GPU, they together work tirelessly to bring you excellent gaming sessions.

There are some major consequences that might occur due to the overheating issue and compelling you to get a cooling pad for your system. Here are some of the consequences you can face due to overheating.

  • CPU overheating might result in the system slowing down and working inefficiently
  • The batteries might create irreversible damage due to prolonged heat.
  • Loud noises of the fan working to reduce heat.
  • Your games are lagging behind or any other activity in general.
  • May cause burn in severe cases to the skin of the user.
  • Decrease lifespan of the entire system components.

All these reasons are more than enough and a warning sign that your laptop has now gotten worn down and the auto cooling system does not work as it should be. You surely do need a cooling pad if all the above checks out for your system

CPU Throttling – What is it?

If you haven’t heard about CPU Throttling just yet, you can learn about it all from here. CPU Throttling refers to the process where the CPU brings down its power so as to tackle overheating of the entire system.

Basically, it acts as a defense mechanism of your gaming laptop, where whenever the system heats up and nothing seems to be working internally, the CPU tends to bring it down on a large scale. Well, this might also occur due to several other reasons, but overheating is the root cause of it.

As we discussed earlier, all the warning signs that might lead you to bring in an external cooling pad for the laptop. CPU throttle results in slower speed and thus it affects not only the gaming sessions but also everything that might be basic.

Can Cooling Pad Stop CPU Throttling?

The real question we have here is whether or not the Cooling Pad works to bring down the CPU Throttle. So, we have had our tests done on the gaming systems, and it does work without a doubt. Your system might be coping to keep up with the increased temperature, but you do not need to anymore.

The best way to go from here and to fix your issues is simply to get a cooling pad that fits your budget. You need to keep the maximum temperature of the system as 85 degrees. Anything beyond that is a cry for help for every other component.

GPU Throttling – Does it Exist?

A lot of you might have the misconception that there are no such things as GPU Throttling. Well, it is similar to that of CPU Throttling. The reason behind it is the same that involves overheating of the system.

GPUs in most gaming laptops are of the highest quality and thus takes up a lot of power to give the best result. Hence, you cannot escape the need for a cooling pad under any circumstance if you are a heavy gamer.

Is Cooling Pad Bad For A Laptop- A Common Misconception?

We have come across a lot of theories and reasons why a cooling pad can be bad for your laptop. Some of them might have certain value in the research they have put up while others are completely baseless.

There are multiple users they think that using a cooling pad can simply result in more dust and dirt blowing in your machine. It could have been true but then if you are thinking practically, a cooling pad simply works to an extent as the fans in your laptop.

If this would have been true then every laptop without a cooling pad is already picking up the dust in their vent. In fact, you need to keep cleaning your system at all times and there is nothing new that might happen once you use a cooling pad.

Can Cooling Pads Have Adverse Effects On The System?

On the other side, we do agree with a factually based argument where you can say that cooling pads can harm your system in some manner. Mostly, older laptops face such issues of overheating since the new ones are already equipped with good cooling technology.

If you have a laptop with air vents that might be on the bottom of the system, the cooling pads can block the natural airflow, and this harms the system. It entirely depends on the laptop you own and also the cooling pad you are looking to buy.

Do Gaming Laptops Overheat While Gaming?

Well, it depends on the type of laptop you own and how old it is. Generally, we would say that the new ones in the market currently have a lesser chance of overheating these days. The main reason behind it is because these laptops have multiple vents, a number of fans, and a lot more that together form a brilliant cooling system.

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On the other hand, the old laptops whether be it Mac or Windows, all have the same overheating issue thus resulting in multiple problems over the period of time. Hence, you need to take proper care of your laptop.

Thermal Compound – What Is It And Do We Really Need It?

Thermal Compound or Thermal Paste is a chemical compound that consists of thermally conductive material. It is generally applied to CPUs of your laptops and acts as an interface that maximizes the heat dissipation

You can easily find these pastes in any store but getting the right one is necessary. It can work as a great substitute for cooling pads and are also cheap. However, it might be a little difficult for anyone to figure it out. You need to open the system and make the application which might be a little challenging for any non-techie person.

Final Verdict

Since we have now successfully captured every aspect of the need for a cooling pad. Whether you need it or not, depends entirely on you. Make sure to go through all the goods and bad for buying something and investing your money as a whole. We personally do not believe that cooling pads are bad for the laptop.

They are made with good intention to lower the overheating issue. You can always look after the further effects of using it, but then there are also other solutions to it as well, that is by cleaning the system within a few months to keep everything in check.

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